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Wing foiling on Koh Phangan
What is wing foiling?

Welcome to the exciting world of wing foiling on Koh Phangan! Wing foiling is an exciting water sport that combines elements of windsurfing, kiteboarding, and surfing. In wing foiling, the rider stands on a hydrofoil board, which has a hydrofoil (a wing-like structure) underneath the surface. This hydrofoil creates lift, allowing the board to rise above the water as speed increases,  providing a smooth, gliding sensation. And Koh Phangan is the perfect place to give it a try!

Imagine yourself gliding smoothly over the blue waters and wing foiling on Koh Phangan using the wind to push you along while standing on a special board with a big, inflatable wing in your hands. That’s wing foiling – a fun adventure where you and nature team up for an awesome ride!

If you’re new to wing foiling, don’t worry, we got you covered! We will teach you all the theoretical know-how and practical skills to be able to wing foil on Koh Phangan and anywhere else in the world.

Below you can check out our wing foil courses on Koh Phangan and see which one is best for you. 

2 people wing foiling on Koh Phangan

Wing foil on Koh Phangan
Our courses

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Wing foiling on Koh phangan discovery course

Discovery course

The discovery course is perfect for those who never tried wing foiling and are eager to explore this exciting sport. You will learn the basic skills of wing foiling, how to control the wing and first try on the board. 

IWO level 1


Wing foiling on Koh phangan full beginner course

Full beginner course

This is the course for anyone who wants to become an independent wing foiler. This means having all of the ‘know-how’ and skills to be able to wing foil in a safe way all over the world.

IWO level 3


wing foiling on Koh phangan customized course

Customized course

This course is especially for those who already have experience in wing foiling and need some assistance in improving their skills. This course is customized to your specific wing foil level.

IWO level 2-3

Wing foiling on Koh Phangan
How to get started?

Equipment: To start learning how to wing foil you need have the essential equipment. This includes the wing, a big SUP board and a wingfoil board with the foil mast. We have many different size wings for all windspeeds and your bodyweight. We also use this special LTF board (learn to fly) which is a big wide inflatable board with a big center fin and 2 fins in the back. This board is perfect the learn wing foiling on Koh Phangan because its super stable and very soft in case you fall on the board.

First step: The first step in learning how to wing foil on Koh Phangan is to learn a bit of theory and how to set up the inflatable wing. Than we will practice with the wing on the beach learning how to handle the wing, how to generate power and move directions.

Practice on SUP board: Learning how to wing foil is a step by step process. After practicing on the beach we are ready to hit the water and learn how to use the wing on the special LTF board.  Here you will learn how to go back and forth over the water in different directions. 

Ride the foil board: Now you are ready to practice on the real foil board and get lifted out from the water. We now attached the foil mast and wing to the board which will give you this hovering sensation. This is the magic of wing foiling on Koh Phangan (see video).  

Wing foil on Koh Phangan
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