Full beginner course

with a certified iwo instructor
From zero to hero!

Want to become a real wingfoiler?
this course is for you !

This course is for anyone who wants to become an independent wingfoiler. This means having all theoretical and practical know-how you need to be able to wingfoil in a safe way. After completing the full beginner course, you can call yourself a real wingfoiler and will be able to wingfoil in any spot in the world.

What do you learn in the full beginner course?

The full beginner wing foil course is a 3 day course in which you will learn everything to become an independent wing foiler. In case you did the discovery wing foil course first you can instantly continue to day 2 of the full beginner course. 

will start with all the theory about the wind, the spot, the wing and the foil board. After we will teach you how to inflate a wing and how to put together a foil board. The next step will be to practice with the wing on the beach. Its important to learn how to control the wing before you can start wing foiling. 

Once you know how to handle the wing you are ready to go into the water and try on our special SUP board. This board has a lot of volume and stability and is the best for learning.  We usually start on our knees and gradually learn how to stand up. The goal now is to be able to go forward and create speed. After that it’s time to practice making some turns. 

At this stage we are in day 2 and it’s time to learn how to use the real foil board. The goal is now to stand up on the foil board and create lift and speed using the wing. The board will then come out of the water and hover over the water. Here is when it gets pretty exciting. We can now practice to ride against the wind and make turns. We will keep practicing this in day 3 as well.

During the course we use walkie talkies to give you direct feedback which will make you learn how to wing foil much faster. After the 3 day course you will get your IWO certification which you can use to rent equipment worldwide.  


3 days – 2 hours per day private lesson

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14000฿ (includes lesson, equipment and license)


IWO license level 3

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