Discovery course

with a certified IKO instructor
Try for the first time

Never tried kitesurfing before?
This course is for you!

The discovery course is perfect for those who are not really sure yet if kitesurfing is their thing and who are eager to explore this new and exciting sport. It is also for those who just want to have a fun and thrilling day.

Luckily for you, you don’t need any previous experience in watersports. Anybody can learn how to kitesurf, even if you’ve never done anything similar before. If you already have some experience with watersports, like for example wakeboarding, this will give you an advantage and you will improve faster.

This course starts with the theory about the wind direction, wind window, kitespot etc. This is important because it makes you understand better how the kite works. After that, you will learn how to set up the kite. This means pumping the kite and connecting the lines of the bar. This is pretty easy and takes between 5 to 10 minutes. Before we go into the water, we go over the safety system of the bar. Thanks to this clever system, kitesurfing is very safe nowadays – everybody can learn it.

The best way to get to know the sport, is to get into the water and fly the kite. Therefore, this comprises the majority of the lesson. Unlike many other kitesurf schools, we do not practice with a small trainer kite on the beach first. Our kitespot with flat waist high water allows us to go directly into the water with a real kite.

This will make your kite control improve much faster. Kite control is one of the most important stages of the lesson. If your kite control is good, the rest of the lesson will go easily. We also let you feel the power of the kite by moving it in a safe way. This is an amazing feeling.

After the discovery lesson, you will be ready to progress to the next level.


Private: 2 hours
Group of two people: 3 hours


4000฿ per person


IKO license level 1

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