Customized course

with a certified iko instructor
Specific for your level

Allready have some experience?
this course is for you !

This course is especially for those who already have some experience kitesurfing and need some assistance in honing their skills. If you want to learn anything specific like bodydragging, upwind riding or certain tricks, this course if for you.

Because everybody has a different level of experience or different goals, this lesson will always be adjusted to the student. For example:

Every kitesurfer has some skills that he or she wants to improve. Even if you are an experienced kitesurfer you can always benefit from our customised course. Imagine you always have some difficulties with riding upwind.

Our instructors can monitor you and correct your kite, body and board position which may solve the problem. It’s also possible that you have been struggling with a certain trick for a while. We can have one of our high-level instructors break the move down for you into different steps so you know exactly how to move your body and kite every part of the way. The possibilities are endless!

Because this lesson is customised to your skills and goals, it is impossible to put you together with another student. This will always be a private lesson one-on-one with an instructor. Of course this has his benefits because the full focus will be on you. In this way, you will learn much faster compared to a group lesson. Feel free to contact us trough the booking form.


1 hour

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2000 ฿


IKO license level 2-3