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At Kite Flip, we provide the best wing foil rental on Koh Phangan. Since wing foil equipment is not so easy to travel with, most people prefer to just rent the wing foil gear. 

The two main brands we use for our wing foil equipment is Slingshot and Flysurfer. All the gear is from 2024 and brand new. We have wings and boards in many different sizes so you will always have the right gear for every condition. We have special foil boards for beginners that make it much easier to stand up and we have boards more for advanced riders. 

We also provide all the safety gear like boots, floating vest, helmet etc..

To be able to rent wing foil gear on Koh Phangan you will need to be able to ride upwind. This way we make sure you have the skills to come back to the same spot as you started.

We have a huge area where we can wingfoil so you will have all the space you need. Together with the stable wind Koh Phangan is a wingfoil paradise. 

Below you can check out our prices to rent wing foil gear on Koh Phangan.

Our wing foil rental prices
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Complete wingfoil set:

  • 1 hour = 1400B
  • 2 hour = 2600B
  • 3 hour = 3600B
  • 4 hour = 4400B
  • 5 hour = 5000B


You are allowed to divide the hourly sessions over multiple days. After your last session we calculate all the hours together and you pay the total sum.

The more you wingfoil the cheaper the hourly rental price becomes! After 5 hours of rental the price will stay at 1000 B per hour. 

Since the windspeed is not always the same, for every session (minimum 1 hour) we will give you the ideal wing size and foil board for that moment.

To book your wing foil rental please contact us over whatsapp or email!  Thank you 

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700 B / hour
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foil board

800 B / hour
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wingfoil set

1400 B / hour
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safety gear


Wing foil rental
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