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SKILLS Beginner +
SIZES 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 / 15 / 17
Feel at home in a variety of wind conditions with the FLYSURFER INDIE and embrace the unexpected. Trust him like a patient teacher who encourages newcomers to master the art of kitesurfing. The relaxed feeling while riding gives you the confidence to discover your true potential and motivates you to spend time by the water. Be independent, wild and adventurous, make your kite experiences unforgettable.
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  • UNIVERSAL kite bag
  • Repair kit
  • Kite Safety Guide
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INDIE Tech Feature 1 DSC09822 scaled

Minimalist one-strut construction

We stay true to the most trusted and extensively tested materials, as the durable Dacron leading edge promises reliable performance, even under intensive use. The lightweight one-strut frame is equipped with our Free Flow system to ensure the ideal air pressure throughout the entire shape. Sizes 11, 13, 15, 17 have an additional free flow connection.
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LEI with low aspect ratio

The FLYSURFER INDIE has the perfect all-round shape. A compact and beautifully balanced design with structural efficiency. The low aspect ratio design features high buoyancy profiles and open tips. The kite rolls around its axis with ease and pulls evenly while being comfortable to control.
INDIE Tech Feature 3 DSC09811 scaled

Stable and balanced design

The FLYSURFER INDIE parks perfectly balanced in position on the edge of the wind window. It flies lower in the wind window, waits for your input at the bar and reacts immediately if necessary. This is the stability and responsiveness you need when you want to concentrate on your surroundings or listen to your teacher’s instructions. Trust in our design and kite confidently when the wind picks up or you push the limit.
INDIE Tech Feature 4 DSC09853 scaled

Back-swept shape

The curved shape of the FLYSURFER INDIE improves its maneuverability and supports the relaunch. The kite automatically drifts to the side of the wind window and parks there while waiting for the rider’s steering input. Effortlessly pull on the control line to fly the kite away from the water.
INDIE Tech Feature 6 DSC09832 scaled

Intuitive controls with precise feedback

The FLYSURFER INDIE is great fun and particularly nice to fly with intuitive controls and excellent bar feedback. The easily accessible performance lets you glide playfully. Power it up, position it in the wind window or rotate the INDIE around its axes without delay. The easy-to-control kite gives you the confidence to improve your skills.
INDIE Tech Feature 5 DSC09708 scaled

Excellent drift and relaunch

The fun factor reaches a whole new level when you experience the kite’s drifting ability. The lightweight construction opens up a world of possibilities and invites you to explore the unknown. Be adventurous, be brave, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes – the FLYSURFER INDIE restarts easily and is back in the air in seconds.


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Be free, be yourself and become the original. It’s your choice and our mission to get you on the water whenever the opportunity arises. Hook up and treat yourself to the most relaxing kite you’ve ever tried. Make every moment an unforgettable experience and surpass yourself the longer you spend on the water.
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We had one goal in mind: to support your progress more efficiently. Security and usability are the crucial requirements for the FLYSURFER INDIE. After extensive long-term testing with our partners, we are convinced that we have developed the most intuitive and cost-saving product for every freerider. A versatile one-strut LEI for avid holiday kiters and a tool that will make your training a pleasure.
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Get up every day and go kiting. The FLYSURFER INDIE is built to get you on the water no matter the conditions. The balanced kite with excellent drift and great turning ability will fill you with endorphins. Trust in your abilities and the INDIE. As soon as it’s windy, you’ll kite!
INDIE Windrange
The table is intended as a rough guide only. The information refers to a rider weighing 75kg. The right kite size depends extremely on your body weight, water/land conditions and the board size and type (small twin tip or hydrofoil). When choosing the kite size, let your own experience and common sense guide you. If you have any doubts about choosing the right kite, it is better to choose a size smaller.
For more info visit the official product page from Flysurfer here

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5m, 7m, 9m, 11m, 13m, 15m, 17m