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Kitesurfing on Koh Phangan
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Learn kitesurfing on Koh Phangan in one of the best spots in Thailand with a professional kite instructor who will get you up on the board in no time. After you complete the beginner course we will provide you with a IKO certification card that is recognized worldwide. This will allow you to rent equipment in kitesurf schools all around the world. The certification card we give you also shows the level you have reached so when you would like to have another kitesurf lesson with another school in the future they can see exactly where to to start.

Everybody can learn how to kite, young or old, fit or not. It is more of a technical sport so you don’t need a lot of strength. The only requirement we have to learn kitesurfing on Koh Phangan is that you are able to swim.

We are the only school on in Thailand that uses the latest technology in bluetooth radio helmets. These radio helmets are specifically designed for kiteschools and allow the instructor and student to communicate 2-way. This makes a big difference when learning kitesurfing on Koh Phangan. Once the student makes his first rides and the distance between the instructor and student becomes too big we can keep advising you in every situation.

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Our kitesurf courses


kitesurf koh phangan discovery course

Discovery course

The discovery course is perfect for those who are eager to explore this new and exciting sport by learning the basic skills. It is also for those who just want to have a fun and thrilling day.

IKO level 1


kitesurf Koh Phangan full beginner course

Full beginner course

This is the course for anyone who wants to become an independent kitesurfer. This means having all of the ‘know-how’ and skills to be able to kite in a safe way all over the world.

IKO level 3


kitesurf koh phangan Customized course

Customized course

This course is especially for those who already have experience in kitesurfing and need some assistance in improving their skills. This course is customised to your specific kitesurfing level.

IKO level 2-3

Kitesurf with KITEFLIP

If you want to book a kitesurf lesson before you arrive on Koh Phangan just contact us and let us know the date you will arrive, which lesson you want and for how many people. Fill in our  booking form here on our website or contact us directly on whatsapp.

How to pay?  To learn kitesurfing on Koh phangan you don’t need to pay anything in advance. You can just pay at the school right before you start the lesson. We accept cash, bankcard, wise, bank transfer and crypto.

What is included in the price? kitesurf lessons, equipment, lycra shirt, IKO certificate and a lot of good times with our kitesurf instructors and staff.

No wind = full refund!  If we can not continue the kitesurf lesson because of the lack of wind you will get a refund for the hours you didn’t spend learning. 

Cancelation policy: If you need to cancel a class please do this latest 2 hrs before the lesson starts. This way we can still put another student in that slot.

International Kiteboarding Organization
Why you want an IKO license?

Be able to rent equipment worlwide

After kitesurfing on Koh Phangan you probably want to kite in other locations too. Since IKO is the general standard for kite safety worldwide most schools will want to see your IKO license before they rent equipment to you. The school will be able to see your kite level in the system and be sure that you know how to handle the kite safely. You can download the app which will show your membership and kitesurf level. To be able to rent equipment you need to be independent and have reached iko level 3K =  upwind riding.

Global standard teaching methods

After finishing your kitesurf lesson with us you will have reached a certain level. You can now take more lessons in any other IKO school worldwide and start from that level. The next school will then give you an upgraded license showing the new level that you have reached. Since all IKO instructors are certified they will teach according to the same global safety standards.

Get worldwide kite insurance

When kitesurfing on Koh Phangan or anywhere else in the world you want to feel safe. With your IKO membership you can get a worldwide insurance specifically for kiteboarders. The insurance company is AXA and they provide cover for yourself and your own equipment and other kiters and their equipment (liability insurance). This could be life saving and definitely recommend for people who will kite often.

Get access to advanced courses

As an IKO member you will get access to many E-courses and E-books for all levels and disciplines like freeriding, freestyle, hydrofoil, wingfoil etc.. This way you can progress to the next level by studying  at home and sending video evidence of certain skills. You could even get a career in kitesurfing and become an IKO instructor. 

Kitesurfing on Koh Phangan
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